EPA Requirements

EPA Lead Certification provides easy access to local lead certification classes to help keep you in compliance with the EPA Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule. The RRP Rule requires contractors, remodelers, property managers and others working in older properties to be lead certified. The EPA made the rule effective on April 22, 2010 and has encouraged individual states to adopt and enforce it. Today, several states have adopted the RRP Rule but many states still allow the EPA to manage and enforce the rule as well. The rule applies to buildings that are older than 1978 including residential properties, schools and daycares. Failure to comply with the RRP rule can result in huge fines and/or imprisonment. The EPA has set a maximum fine of up to $37,500 per incident per day. Double this if it is found to be intentional.

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If you are doing renovation activity in an older building, you may need to be trained and certified in lead-safe work practices. If your work involves disturbing painted and coated surfaces, getting certified allows you to check for the presence of lead paint and use work procedures to make sure you do the work safely. These work procedures include building a containment to isolate the lead hazard. Using specialized techniques and Personal Protective Equipment during the work. Following specific cleaning protocol to make sure all lead dust is cleaned up. Verifying or testing your work are before finishing your project.

The differences between state and federal requirements can be confusing. EPA Lead Certification provides local classes that comply with your state. Be assured that when you attend a local lead certification class, you will be attending an approved class that meets your state requirements. You will learn about specific requirements in your state in additional to what the EPA requires. Once you complete a lead class, you will receive your Lead Renovator Certification. This certification is typically valid for 5 years, but some states have chosen to change the validation period. The expiration will be clearly identified on your local training certificate.

EPA Lead Certification provides the best local classes that will help keep you in compliance with the Lead paint rules specific to your state. Visit the state page where you work to find specific information that applies directly to you. Search with confidence that you will be getting the best lead certification available when you attend one of our course. Getting certified is easy!

Just follow these steps to get your lead certification:

1. Register for a local Lead Certification Class
2. Attend the class and successfully complete the required exam.
3. Receive your Lead Renovator Certificate.

By taking these steps you are on your way to complying with the RRP Rule. You will be protecting your company from potential fines and penalties. You will be working lead safe and protecting your workers and occupants. You will show that your company is committed to the health, safety and well being of all.

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