EPA Lead Certification NV

EPA Lead Certification NV provides a listing of local Nevada Lead Renovator (RRP) Classes to meet your certification needs. All courses and instructors are EPA approved. This means you will have a highly skilled and qualified instructor that will be able to provide you with the best learning experience possible. In Nevada, the EPA governs and enforces the rule. This includes both Individual and Firm Certification. Each Lead Certification Initial and Refresher course complies with the rigorous EPA curriculum. Each in-person course consist of lecture covering rules and procedures. Hands-on practical training is provided to ensure each student fully understands the required work practices. Each course consists of an required 25 question exam to confirm a thorough understanding of the material covered.

What does all this mean? Be confident that when you complete a course offered through EPA Lead Certification NV, you will have the training and skills necessary to work lead-safe. Equally important, you will also have the certification you need to comply with the law. But, just how serious is the EPA? Do they enforce the Lead Paint Law? Yes! The EPA requires Firms and Individuals to be certified or face fines up to $37,500. Don’t risk it! Get Certified today!

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EPA Lead Certification NV

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Now that I have attended a Course, am I ready to work?

Not quit yet. After completing the class, you should now have your Individual Certification (Lead Renovator Certificate). This should have your name, address, and photo on it. It should have an expiration date 5 years from course completion. There is no need to submit this certificate to the EPA. You will need to keep it on site while you are doing work though. That’s right. Current EPA regulations don’t require recertification for 5 years. But be careful, the EPA allows you to renew your certificate with a refresher course only if you do so before your certificate expires.  There is no need to submit this certificate to the EPA. You will need to keep it on site while you are doing work though. Many people refer to this as your lead license.

You will also need a certificate for your company. There is no additional training required.

How do I get Firm Certification in Nevada?

Since the RRP Rule in Nevada is governed and enforced by the EPA, you must apply to the EPA to get your company certified.

Follow these 3 easy steps for Firm Certification:

  1. Submit an application for your company to the EPA
  2. Pay a processing fee to the EPA
  3. Receive your Lead-Safe Firm Certificate from the EPA

Your Firm Certification can take up to 90 days to receive. Once you receive it, it is valid for 5 years.

Now you should have both certificates and be ready for work.

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